Isle of the Foxes – animated battle map with Foundry VTT support



What the fox?! This diminutive islet features a mysterious arrangement of vulpine statues, some better hidden than others under the foliage of palm trees. Are they the key to finding a fabulous treasure, or merely the folly of some deranged animal fancier? Alternate versions of this fully animated map feature rabbit or pharaoh statues to further befuddle your heroes, a ship docked by its sandy shores, and even a variant with no statues at all! The only question you must ask yourself is this: what do the foxes say?

All are hooked up and ready to play in FVTT.

What’s included:

    • 5 .jpg maps 30 x 40 (3000 x 4000)
    • 5 .webm animated battle maps
    • Direct link to install the Foundry VTT file (from within foundry)

Preview Maps:

Video Preview:


Do these maps work with Roll 20 / Fantasy Grounds / Other VTT?

Most VTT software will allow you to import JPGs, which are included in this purchase.  Some allow for .webm, you’ll have to check with your specific software provider.  If you want setup Fantasy Grounds maps, I sell them on DMsGuild.

How do I use them on Foundry VTT?

After your purchase you will get a bunch of downloads with maps, gridded maps, webm (if the map is animated) and a .pdf file.  For Foundry VTT all you need is the .pdf file, the rest of it will download right into Foundry VTT if you follow the instructions 🙂

These maps are on Patreon?

All of my maps are available on my Patreon.

You can also buy the map pack at any of these places:


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Download on Moulinette

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Download on DMsGuild

Download on The Forge

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