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Primsy Surefoot - Halfling adventurer NPC backstory 0

Primsy Surefoot

Art by BlaszczecArt For the Player: A wry smile appears to be a permanent fixture on this halfling female’s lean face, her large brown eyes taking in everything and everyone with the same look of...

Drelbin Podthistle the gnome guard NPC for TTRPGs 0

Drelbin the Gnome Guard

For the Player: The aura of sheer menace that emanates from this heavily armoured male gnome is inversely proportional to his height. At just under three feet tall, the gnome’s matted white beard, fierce brown...

Minella the elven princess NPC for TTRPGs 0

Minëlla the Elf Princess

For the Player: There is a hardness beneath the graceful female elf’s wan smile, an aloofness as she regards you coolly. Though her simple and practical garments very closely resemble her peers’, a few delicate...