About Us

Angela Bradley

Owner, Writer, Map Artist
Angela started Spooky Action Games in late 2020 to create and sell TTRPG related things.  She writes, creates battle maps, sets up VTTs, does the website, and takes care of whatever else needs to be done!

She is an American expat living in Finland. She enjoy playing a druid in D&D as well as WoW, playing other RPGs, board games, watching and reading sci-fi and fantasy, studying history, watching musicals, and traveling everywhere, preferably by train. She is also a mom and loves sharing her nerdy interests with her children 🙂

Angela Bradley of Spooky Action Games
Alexa Bradley of Spooky Action Games

Alexa Bradley-Gannon

Social Media Manager
Alexa aka “Nani” is the social media marketing manager at Spooky Action Games. She’s currently creating and managing content across all platforms while learning new strategies and methods along the way. In addition to her work at SAG she’s an international business student in Seinäjoki, Finland, focusing on the internationalization of business practices. When she’s not studying or managing social media, she enjoys crochet, coffee, and cats

Bertrand Lucat

Bertrand Lucat is a stealth Frenchman who discovered the English language down under and swiftly adopted it as his own. Raised on genre fiction and computer games, he enjoys the company of cats, good food, and quality roleplay.

Bertrand Lucat of Spooky Action Games