Drelbin the Gnome Guard

For the Player:

Drelbin Podthistle the gnome guard NPC for TTRPGs

The aura of sheer menace that emanates from this heavily armoured male gnome is inversely proportional to his height. At just under three feet tall, the gnome’s matted white beard, fierce brown eyes, and booming bass bark are only part of his intimidating arsenal, yelling out orders and litanies of insults more often than he breathes. The way underlings as much as four times his size obey his every command on the double is proof, if any, that size doesn’t always matter.

For the Dungeon Master:

Drelbin Podthistle is the commander of the city guard, a tough taskmaster and a strict disciplinarian who brooks neither insolence nor incompetence. His often abusive methods have proved effective in shaping up the watch, but it hasn’t earned him many friends. He nevertheless has the begrudging respect of most of the guard for his fairness and dedication to his job, though his inflexibility results in more conflict than it avoids.

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